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19.5 ” Tire Replacement Recent Experience

Hey guys I just wanted to share my recent 19.5″ CarMax car hauler emergancy truck repair road call experience. What we all used to is to dismount/mount the 19.5″ tires with hub side facing up and that what I was trying to do, having my set of Ken-Tool irons # 33195 specially bought for this […]

Cummins X15 coolant manifold fitting relocation

Today I have come across the interesting repair solution which I decided to share with you guys so you know how to proceed if you ever come across something like this (which I am sure some of you guys will eventually if you are in the heavy duty truck repair industry). I have been called […]

How I work as Mobile Truck Repair Mechanic

Today I would like to tell you how I work, how this whole “mobile truck repair” stuff works. Just stick with me for a couple of minutes and you will get the idea. Many of my clients, friends, and acquaintances are asking “Svyatoslav, how is it” Work as a mechanic, help people on the road? […]

Clogged Air Compressor Lines

Clogged Air Compressor Lines I had a road call from Freightliner truck driver with air brakes “not able to release” issue and came right onto him, where I have found the truck being stuck on the hard shoulder of I-5 freeway with air tanks pressure not being able to “build up” above 65psi mark. I […]

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) regeneration

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) regeneration What is a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) regeneration (regen) process and how to avoid costly road service call for that matter? Basically, DPF as this acronym implies stands for Diesel Particulate Filter. In simple terms this is a canister where the process of burning of soot particles, so called DPM […]